"It's a classic!"
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Ghostbusters Blu-Ray
The Blu-Ray Cover of Ghostbusters.

Release Year 2009
Type Blu-Ray
Number of Discs 1

Ghostbusters, is a movie which was released on several different platforms of film, one of which is Blu-Ray. Even though many fans of the movie purchased it, very few liked the port.

Port Problems


On the left side, is the standard DVD release. On the right is the Blu-Ray version. Notice the color and contrast difference.

The port is disliked by most, because some complain that the quality was reduced. Because, instead of stretching it and remastering it, Sony only stretched it making it blurry and poor quality. Also, the colors weren't as vivid as the original DVD release. Some fans complain and claim it looks like the VHS version.
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