A collection of movies available on Blu-ray

Philanahembree Edit

  1. The Sixth Sense (Standard Blu-Ray)
  2. Citizen Kane (Standard Blu-Ray)
  3. Casablanca (Standard Blu-Ray)
  4. Singin' in the Rain (Standard Blu-Ray)
  5. North by Northwest (Standard Blu-Ray)
  6. Psycho (Standard Blu-Ray)
  7. Oliver! (Standard Blu-Ray)
  8. Rosemary's Baby (Standard Blu-Ray)
  9. The Exorcist (Standard Blu-Ray)
  10. Chinatown (Standard Blu-Ray)
  11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Standard Blu-Ray)
  12. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Standard Blu-Ray)
  13. Taxi Driver (Standard Blu-Ray)
  14. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Standard Blu-Ray)
  15. Halloween (Standard Blu-Ray)
  16. The Shining (Standard Blu-Ray)
  17. The Evil Dead (Standard Blu-Ray)
  18. The Howling (Standard Blu-Ray)
  19. An American Werewolf in London (Standard Blu-Ray)
  20. The Thing (Standard Blu-Ray)
  21. Poltergeist (Standard Blu-Ray)
  22. Blade Runner (Standard Blu-Ray)
  23. E.T. Extra Terrestrial (Standard Blu-Ray)
  24. The Terminator (Standard Blu-Ray)
  25. The Goonies (Standard Blu-Ray)
  26. Lifeforce (Standard Blu-Ray)
  27. Stand Be Me (Standard Blu-Ray)
  28. The Nightmare on Elm Street (Standard Blu-Ray)
  29. They Live (Standard Blu-Ray)
  30. The Fly (Standard Blu-Ray)
  31. Child's Play (Standard Blu-Ray)
  32. Die Hard (Standard Blu-Ray)
  33. When Harry met Sally (Standard Blu-Ray)
  34. Glory (Standard Blu-Ray)
  35. Pet Cemetery (Standard Blu-Ray)
  36. Misery (Standard Blu-Ray)
  37. The Silence of the Lambs (Standard Blu-Ray)
  38. Edward Scissorhands (Standard Blu-Ray)
  39. Candyman (Standard Blu-Ray)
  40. Malcolm X (Standard Blu-Ray)
  41. Schindler's List (Standard Blu-Ray)
  42. Carlito's Way (Standard Blu-Ray)
  43. What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Standard Blu-Ray)
  44. Philadelphia (Standard Blu-Ray)
  45. Groundhog Day (Standard Blu-Ray)
  46. The Crow (Standard Blu-Ray)
  47. Interview with the Vampire (Standard Blu-Ray)
  48. Leon (Standard Blu-Ray)
  49. Ed Wood (Standard Blu-Ray)
  50. Heat (Standard Blu-Ray)
  51. Seven (Standard Blu-Ray)
  52. Fargo (Standard Blu-Ray)
  53. A Time to Kill (Standard Blu-Ray)
  54. From Dusk till Dawn (Standard Blu-Ray)
  55. Independence Day (Standard Blu-Ray)
  56. L.A. Confidential (Standard Blu-Ray)
  57. Sleepers (Standard Blu-Ray)
  58. The Devil's Advocate (Standard Blu-Ray)
  59. Starship Troopers (Standard Blu-Ray)
  60. Men in Black (Standard Blu-Ray)
  61. The Truman Show (Standard Blu-Ray)
  62. American History X (Standard Blu-Ray)
  63. Urban Legend (Standard Blu-Ray)
  64. American Beauty (Standard Blu-Ray)
  65. The Mummy (Standard Blu-Ray)
  66. The Blair Witch Project (Standard Blu-Ray)
  67. Bowfinger (Standard Blu-Ray)
  68. Fight Club (Standard Blu-Ray)
  69. The Green Mile (Standard Blu-Ray)
  70. The Matrix (Standard Blu-Ray)
  71. American Pie (Standard Blu-Ray)
  72. American Psycho (Standard Blu-Ray)
  73. Unbreakable (Standard Blu-Ray)
  74. O Brother Where Art Thou? (Standard Blu-Ray)
  75. Final Destination (Standard Blu-Ray)
  76. Zoolander (Standard Blu-Ray)
  77. Training Day (Standard Blu-Ray)
  78. Chocolat (Standard Blu-Ray)
  79. The Pianist (Standard Blu-Ray)
  80. Gangs of New York (Standard Blu-Ray)
  81. Chicago (Standard Blu-Ray)
  82. Pirates of the Caribbean (Standard Blu-Ray)
  83. Big Fish (Standard Blu-Ray)
  84. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Standard Blu-Ray)
  85. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Standard Blu-Ray)
  86. King Kong (2005 Standard Blu-Ray)
  87. Children of Men (Standard Blu-Ray)
  88. V for Vendetta (Standard Blu-Ray)
  89. Night at the Museum (Standard Blu-Ray)
  90. The Pursuit of Happyness (Standard Blu-Ray)
  91. 300 (Standard Blu-Ray)
  92. Sin City (Standard Blu-Ray)
  93. Stardust (Standard Blu-Ray)
  94. Zodiac (Standard Blu-Ray)
  95. American Gangster (Standard Blu-Ray)
  96. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Standard Blu-Ray)
  97. 30 Days of Night (Standard Blu-Ray)
  98. Ratatouille (Standard Blu-Ray)
  99. Transformers (Standard Blu-Ray)
  100. Paranormal Activity (Standard Blu-Ray)
  101. Trick r Treat (Standard Blu-Ray)
  102. Tropic Thunder (Standard Blu-Ray)
  103. WALL-E (Standard Blu-Ray)
  104. No Country for Old Men (Standard Blu-Ray)
  105. The Strangers (Standard Blu-Ray)
  106. Taken (Standard Blu-Ray)
  107. Cloverfield (Standard Blu-Ray)
  108. Untraceable (Standard Blu-Ray)
  109. Milk (Standard Blu-Ray)
  110. Gran Torino (Standard Blu-Ray)
  111. The Changeling (Standard Blu-Ray)
  112. Hurt Locker (Standard Blu-Ray)
  113. The Hangover (Standard Blu-Ray)
  114. The Time Traveler's Wife (Standard Blu-Ray)
  115. District 9 (Standard Blu-Ray)
  116. Inglorious Basterds (Standard Blu-Ray)
  117. Fanboys (Standard Blu-Ray)
  118. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Standard Blu-Ray)
  119. Up in the Air (Standard Blu-Ray)
  120. Avatar (Standard Blu-Ray)
  121. 2012 (Standard Blu-Ray)
  122. Slumdog Millionaire (Standard Blu-Ray)
  123. Drag Me to Hell (Standard Blu-Ray)
  124. Daybreakers (Standard Blu-Ray)
  125. Coraline (Standard Blu-Ray)
  126. Watchman (Standard Blu-Ray)
  127. Black Swan (Standard Blu-Ray)
  128. Kick-Ass (Standard Blu-Ray)
  129. The Book of Eli (Standard Blu-Ray)
  130. Insidious (Standard Blu-Ray)
  131. The King's Speech (Standard Blu-Ray)
  132. Chain Letter (Standard Blu-Ray)
  133. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Standard Blu-Ray)
  134. Drive (Standard Blu-Ray)
  135. My Week with Marilyn (Standard Blu-Ray)
  136. Hugo (Standard Blu-Ray)
  137. The Place Beyond the Pines (Standard Blu-Ray)
  138. The Devil's Double (Standard Blu-Ray)
  139. The Skin I Live In (Standard Blu-Ray)
  140. Super 8 (Standard Blu-Ray)
  141. V/H/S (Standard Blu-Ray)
  142. The Hunt (Standard Blu-Ray)
  143. The Impossible (Standard Blu-Ray)
  144. Sinister (Standard Blu-Ray)
  145. Argo (Standard Blu-Ray)
  146. Ted (Standard Blu-Ray)
  147. Chronicle (Standard Blu-Ray)
  148. ParaNorman (Standard Blu-Ray)
  149. Lincoln (Standard Blu-Ray)
  150. Hitchcock (Standard Blu-Ray)
  151. Looper (Standard Blu-Ray)
  152. Wreck it Ralph (Standard Blu-Ray)
  153. Don Jon (Standard Blu-Ray)
  154. Rush (Standard Blu-Ray)
  155. Locke (Standard Blu-Ray)
  156. Prisoners (Standard Blu-Ray)
  157. Dallas Buyers Club (Standard Blu-Ray)
  158. Cabin in the Woods (Standard Blu-Ray)
  159. Her (Standard Blu-Ray)
  160. 12 Years a Slave (Standard Blu-Ray)
  161. Olympus has Fallen (Standard Blu-Ray)
  162. The Conjuring (Standard Blu-Ray)
  163. The Fault in Our Stars (Standard Blu-Ray)
  164. The Theory of Everything (Standard Blu-Ray)
  165. Whiplash (Standard Blu-Ray)
  166. Gone Girl (Standard Blu-Ray)
  167. Selma (Standard Blu-Ray)
  168. It Follows (Standard Blu-Ray)
  169. The Witch (Standard Blu-Ray)
  170. Legend (Standard Blu-Ray)
  171. Green Room (Standard Blu-Ray)
  172. Sicario (Standard Blu-Ray)
  173. Southpaw (Standard Blu-Ray)
  174. The Martian (Standard Blu-Ray)
  175. Straight Outta Compton (Standard Blu-Ray)
  176. Trumbo (Standard Blu-Ray)
  177. Split (Standard Blu-Ray)
  178. Kubo and the Two Strings (Standard Blu-Ray)
  179. The Free State of Jones (Standard Blu-Ray)
  180. Zootropolis (Standard Blu-Ray)
  181. Swiss Army Man (Standard Blu-Ray)
  182. Don't Breathe (Standard Blu-Ray)
  183. The Neon Demon (Standard Blu-Ray)
  184. The Founder (Standard Blu-Ray)
  185. Baby Driver (Standard Blu-Ray)
  186. Get Out (Standard Blu-Ray)
  187. Shawn of the Dead (Standard Blu-Ray)
  188. Hot Fuzz (Standard Blu-Ray)
  189. The World's End (Standard Blu-Ray)
  190. Primal Fear (Standard Blu-Ray)
  191. Marshall (Standard Blu-Ray)
  192. Hello, My Name is Doris (Standard Blu-Ray)
  193. Gerald's Game (Standard Blu-Ray)
  194. Gattaca (Standard Blu-Ray)
  195. Blue Jasmine (Standard Blu-Ray)
  196. Dunkirk (Standard Blu-Ray)
  197. Bitter Moon (Standard Blu-Ray)
  198. All the Money in the World (Standard Blu-Ray)
  199. War Horse (Standard Blu-Ray)
  200. Shooter (Standard Blu-Ray)
  201. Death Becomes Her (Standard Blu-Ray)
  202. Silent Night, Deadly Night (Standard Blu-Ray)
  203. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Standard Blu-Ray)
  204. Welcome to Me (Standard Blu-Ray)
  205. The Bad Batch (Standard Blu-Ray)
  206. Mystic River (Standard Blu-Ray)
  207. Sully (Standard Blu-Ray)
  208. Trading Places (Standard Blu-Ray)
  209. The Departed (Standard Blu-Ray)
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