• RRabbit42

    Adopting the wiki

    April 10, 2016 by RRabbit42

    The adoption request is being put on hold for the time being since the person that prompted it has left and there are other tasks that need my attention right now. If it becomes necessary again or I have more time to work on this, I'll re-open this process, but I'm going to keep this message up so I can have "dibs" on adopting the wiki unless someone else comes along that demonstrates they will be able to put a lot of serious effort into getting this wiki going.

    I have been hanging around here since February, mostly to do cleanup and to keep vandals at bay as much as I can. Sometimes that's all it takes. Just stick around and clean up the mess without making a big deal about it. And sometimes it takes a bit longer for the ones who are caus…

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